How to get a perfect tan?

How to get perfect tan? 

   Flawless tan, perfect color, glowing skin….mmm, yes this really can help you to get first place! 27648-sasha-brown-9_final
Follow those simple steps:
1. Enough healthy fats. Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside of your body. If you don’t have enough healthy carbs in your diet your skin and hair can look very dry and unhealthy. So make sure you never cut completely healthy fats like almonds, fish, avocado out of your diet. Additionally take Omega complex and add even more of it closer to your show date.
2. Stay hydrated and your skin would look better. Make sure you drink enough water so your body stay hydrated and also it can help to flash out all toxins.
3. Exfoliate and moisturizer  your skin. I really recommend to do at least ones a month a good body scrub at the Korean spa. If you think you are very clean and they would have nothing to scrub of of you, I can promise, you would be surprise to see how much dead skin and dirt would be pealing of of you! Everyone who listen to me and went to get it saw the difference ! Lol Make sure you use good moisturizer after each shower. Korean spa scrub can be very helpful and after your competition, as an extra help to reed of the tanning faster.
4. Trust the best with your tanning services! Please, don’t try to safe money on your tanning for your show day! In 7 years of competing I have seen so many people running backstage bagging someone to help them with their messed up tan! Believe me, I have done it too… I have learned my mistake and would never do it again! At the each show webpage you can find out who is official tanning company. It means that would take care of you any time before the show. One of my favorite tanning companies is Tanning Masters. Check their page out and make your tanning appointment ahead.
Good luck on the stage!

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