Plyometrics to loose weight! / Плиометрические упражнения для похудения


   Плиометрические упражнения – отличный способ чтобы добавить интенсивности в ваших тренировках! Выполняются в быстром темпе.  Добавление даже несколько минут плиометрических упражнений к вашей обычной тренировке можете добавить интенсивности и больше силы в ногах, две вещи, которые могут сделать ваши тренировки более эффективными. IMG_0546

   И самое главное эти упражнения помогут вам сжешь дополнительные калории! 

   Plyometrics, also known as “jump training” or “plyos”, are exercises based around having muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible, with the goal of increasing both speed and power. This training focuses on learning to move from a muscle extension to a contraction in a rapid or “explosive” way, for example with specialized repeated jumping.

   Adding even a few minutes of Plyometrics  to your usual routine can add intensity to your workouts while building more power and strength in the legs, two things that can make your other workouts easier. The key is to ease into it to avoid injury.

The Basics of Plyometric Training

   Plyometric training has long been a staple of athletes and exercisers to work on their explosive strength. It may sound strange, but one way to enhance power is to increase the stretch reflex in your legs. This is what happens with repetitive jumping (one of the hallmarks of plyometric training): Each time you land from a jump, your quads stretch and then contract for your next leap. It’s that stretch from the first jump that makes your second jump even higher.

   With athletes, plyometric training involves intense exercises specifically designed for their particular sports such as jumping off a platform and rebounding off the floor onto a higher platform. Most of us don’t need exercises of that level of difficulty, but you can incorporate basic plyometric-type moves into your workout to add more intensity and challenge.

   Just a few reasons to try plyometrics:

  • It’s a way to change your workouts, adding both challenge and intensity
  •  Better joint stability
  • It increases power in the lower body. You’ll feel this extra power in everything else you do – Cardio workouts, strength training and even daily chores
  • It increases strength which, again, pays off in your other workouts and daily life
  • It can help you burn more calories during your workout

Вот некоторые из моих любимых плиометрических упражнений 

1.Присед – прыжок/Plyometrics: Squat – jump 

2. Выпад + прыжок + присед / Lunge + jump + squat 

3. Альпинист / Mountain Climber 

4.  Берпис с Босу / Burpies with Bosu 

5. Отжимание с запрыгиванием на скамью /Push ups+ Step ups 

6. Прыжок “лягушка” с Бурпис / Frogs jumps+Burpee 

7. Agility Ladder Run/ Бег с поднятием коленей 

8. Упражнения с канатом/ Heavy rope 

9. Присед – прыжок с весом/ Squat-jump with 25 lb 

10.  Бурпис / Burpee 

11. Запрыгивание на высокую платформу / Box jumps 

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