Russian beats salad – Venegret

Russian beats salad – Venegret


(serves 2-3) th-3


2 small beets

4 oz yams potatoes

1 medium carrot

1 pickle chopped

¼ cup black beans (low sodium)

½ cup Cabbage shredded

Black paper

salt (optional)

1 table spoon Olive oil


1. Boil Beets until tender. This will take over an hour (close to 1 1/2 hours for me), so start well in advance. Once the beets are done, drain immediately and soak in cold water. This will make peeling the beets 1000 times easier. You can also do this a day in advance to save time. OR JUST BUY COOKED

2. Peel the potatoes and carrots and boil until tender (I boil them together to save time). Be careful not to overcook the potatoes because then you’ll have mashed potatoes with beets (which isn’t such a bad idea either, now that I think about it)

3. Chop pickle into small pieces. I do this while the potatoes and carrots are cooking.

4. Add black beans

5. When the potatoes and carrots are done, chop them into small cubed pieces. Same for beets.

6. Combine everything in a bowl and add oil

Cal 355

Protein 5

Carbs 50

Fat 13

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