The Nutrition Guid


 The Nutrition Guide

1. Calories
A calorie is the measure used to express the energy value with in food. Consider calories as fuel for your body…just like gasoline as fuel for your car. The cheaper and lower quality the fuel you put into your “engine”, the less optimum results you will have in the performance of your vehicle. So why would you put all junk and nasty food into your body? And don’t expect your “engine” run if you don’t put any gas! Don’t skip your breakfast! It’s better to eat nice breakfast than starve yourself till dinner and eat to much late at night. yams

2. Metabolism

Metabolism is the sum of all the chemical and physical changes that take place in your body. Just as calorie is consider as fuel for your body, metabolism may be consider as the speed at which that calorie is burned. Each person will burn calories at a different rate of speed. That is why some of your friends can eat what ever they want and not gaining any weight! And you need work hard to keep your weight in control. I know, it’s not fear! But you can speed up your metabolism by eating right, healthy kind of food in right proportions and timing. Eating every 3-3,5 hours small positions of meals would give you racing car metabolism!

3. Dropping calories level too low. Starving yourself!

Everybody tried it ones! Thinking, if I skip breakfast and will not eat all day till dinner time, having just fruit, I would loose weight fast! The biggest mistake! By doing it, you slowing down your metabolism even more, triggering your body to go to “starvation zone” – when your body will preserve all extra calories in fat packets (stomach, hips)! Do you really want this to happen?

The best diet path to take is one which the body receives adequate levels of high quality calories with intense exercises to burn off the extra calories.

Building blocks of nutrition

1. Protein
Protein building blocks for cells, tissues, and organs. Complete protein: chicken, turkey, fish, eggs Incomplete protein: corn, rice, beans
Need to have in every meal.

2. Carbs

It is your energy, but you need to know what is good and bad carbs!
The most important thing to learn about carbs is how to properly classify them in your diet.
Simple (bad) carbs: white sugar, white breads, cakes, pastas… These carbs converted to glucose within the body very quickly and when ingested, cause a large release of insulin into the bloodstream.

Simple carbs ~ insulin up ~ storing fat process !!!

Complex (good) carbs: sweet potatoes (yams), lentils, beans, whole grains, oatmeal, brown rice, brown rice pastas… They would give you energy in small portions.

It’s very important when you eat your carbs during a day! The best time to eat your good carbs – breakfast and lunch. Skip it at dinner time and replace with vegetables.

3. Healthy fats.
Don’t be afraid to eat fats! A balanced diet should consists of 20% of healthy fats, like olive oil, almonds, avocados. If you cup healthy fats from your diet, it can give you dry skin, hair loss, hormonal imbalances, and an inability to lose body fat!
Be careful with non-fat products! It doesn’t mean that it’s zero fat! It’s mean less than 1 gram, 0,9 can be “non-fat”. And it’s loaded with sugar instead of fat!

Simple meal plan

Breakfast: carbs+protein
Ex: oatmeal+blueberries+egg whites

sugar free cereal+non-fat yogurt + strawberries
protein shake+fruit (protein powder by MRM sugar free)

Snack: protein+carbs or carbs+healthy fat
Ex: apple+spoon of salt and sugar free peanut/almond butter

protein shake
15 almonds salt free with carrots Tortilla with chicken breast

Lunch: protein+carbs
Ex: chicken/turkey breast +salad or steamed vegetables + brown rice/yams/corn tortilla

white fish + salad+ vegetables+ brown rice/yams/corn tortilla
ground low-fat chicken/turkey patties with rice cakes and vegetables

Dinner: protein+vegetables+health fat
Ex: chicken/turkey breast +salad or steamed vegetables + avocado/15almonds

Salmon +salad or steamed vegetables
Ground low-fat beef patties with grilled vegetables

If you do your workout late evening you can add one more meal after workout. Even at 8 pm.
Ex: protein shake

4 egg whites omelet (only 68!calories )

portion control

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